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Meditation CD #5 from October 11, 2007

Healing Heavy Energies

Transforming the last of the Old Paradigm within Ourselves and Our World

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We all carry pieces of the old paradigm, which now feel like heavy energy, within us. Within the DNA we inherited from our family, and within our beliefs, are pieces of what was. We grew up in the old paradigm (most of us) and little bits are still ingrained within us

In this podcast are meditations to address how we can free up our own energies and help moribund, stagnant energies of the old paradigm transform into new movement. Here are some ideas of what to do when you feel stuck, surrounded by people, things or situations that don't appear to change, and you can't see a way out. The meditations and questions asked provide ways for you to address the energies of the old paradigm in a healing fashion, honoring and allowing the core of the stagnant energy to be released into its evolutionary cycle.

For more information on this subject, you may want to read Norma's October Newsletter,
Healing Yourself (when you don't want to)

1 Introduction
2. Changing Yourself from Atamira
3 Background Info from Archangel Michael
4 Sacred Space Nature Sphere
5 Invoke Archangel Michael Divine Masuline
6 Atamira Speaks Unbinding Death 1
7 Thoth and Shesat Transmutation
8 Q & A Grief, Feeling for Others
9 Healing and Release
10 Q&A Michael, releasing guides
11 Gratitude Closing