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Meditation CD #4 from August 2007

Healthy Wealth


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MEDITATIONS TO EMBRACE WHAT WE ARE READY TO CHANGE based on a teleconference held Aug 28, 2007 (total lunar eclipse) using energies of change and recreation and the solar eclipse of Sept 11, 2007. Archangel Michael, Thoth, Shesat, and the Ascended Masters with Norma Gentile

Archangel Michael says, as do many of these angels and guides, that they are with us always, and it is we who forget that they are there. The (meditation) is just a way to turn our faces toward them, to say, "Yes, we remember you, Yes we need support, Yes please help us to stay facing you in this particular time." We are called to undo everything that has been built on an hierarchical format, everything that has been built without a sense of true heart.

As fearful as it may be for us, it is imperative that each human body lives grounded into the reality that truly reflects where the soul's journey is trying to move it to. As we resist change, we frequently are resisting that same journey that our soul decided was 'good' for us. What is the next step of our soul's journey?

Fear is what happens when our connection to Heaven and Earth gets severed, usually at the Earth end. We are flooded with energies that have no cohesion or exit point, and become overwhelmed. We honor that the money each person generates in their lifetime reflects the flowing of spirit through them. Therefore, each person tunes their capacity to generate money to their own personal wiring. Attempting to mimic another's ability to create abundance, be it your father, mother, guru, financial advisor or Oprah, distracts your body from tuning in and generating money on your unique frequency of soul.
Total Time: 63 mins

Part 1 Intro - Eclipses, Compassion and Finances
(6 mins) A two week doorway (Aug 28 to Sept 11, 2007) and another nine months of helpful cosmic energy gives us the opportunity to rebuild how money, finances and business exist in our world, seeing people, rather than politics.

Part 2 Sacred Grids - Nature
{6 mins) Using Earth and Nature to build a Sacred Sphere to contain our meditation and healing energies. We connect first to the external, physical world, so that what we offer will be more easily in tune to it, and thus received by it. The pure Energy of Nature is what existed before all of reality. It is that Divine Feminine into which thought is laid in order to manifest form.

Part 3 Sacred Grids - Welcoming Archangel Michael
(5 mins) Michael often appears as a beam of clear light, and his unique energy escorts all energies, light or dark or unknown, to their own homes. Anchoring his energy down into the lower dimensions and then upward to heaven opens Michael's energy and often looks like an elevator shaft in the center of the room.

Part 4 Meditations with Thoth, Shesat

(11 mins) We are called to undo everything that has been built on an hierarchical format, everything that has been built without a sense of true heart. A meditation from the Ascended Master group that Thoth and Shesat travel with now, inviting us to feel how Nature Spirits and Intelligences experience fulfillment when they are part of helping us help the world.

Part 5 Healthy Wealth Meditation
(20 mins) Asking lower dimensions (Nature) and upper dimensions (AA Michael and our guides) to be present How does Healthy Wealth want to manifest in our lives? Are we resisting a journey that our soul desires for us? Fear is our awareness of disconnect. Fear happens when our connection to Heaven and Earth gets severed, and in most cases it is severed on the Earth emd/ When severed, money, as well as other energies, cannot flow through us.

Part 6 Fear, Money, Attention and How we Tune Money to Ourselves
(8 mins) If money is the flowing of Spirit through us, to what is this flow tuned? If money comes to us, would our wiring be able to handle the attention energies that also come with money? Does our money or abundance reflect our unique soul, body? Not being able to create abundance is frequently the misconception that it needs to look like someone else’s abundance (Oprah, our mentor, or some rich person we admire)

Part 7 Grounding woman's ovaries and Final Releasing of Sacred Grids
(11 mins) Women, especially those without physical ovaries, can find new sensations of grounding and balance by grounding through the ovarian space. Anytime we call in energies or guides and angels, we are using our own energy to make the connection, and so it is up to us to thank and release that heightened connection. Keeping conscious connections with angels keeps the body vibrating higher than normal, and can interfere with sleep and with the physical body coming to stillness, relaxation, and rejuvenating itself.