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Meditation CD #3 from July 16, 2007 Teleconference

How Earth / Gaia is Healing Humanity

Healing Meditations from Gaia (Earth), Nature, Archangel Michael and Mary for Humanity
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Did you know that the Hara, just below our navel, is the primarily point of incarnation for the soul into the body? This, according to Archangel Michael through Norma, allows our soul to inform our body of the soul's direction and choices. When our minds function in normal fashion, as 'Uni-Creators' we are focused on achieving external balance, and unable to hear the promptings of our soul, and misconstrue the information being whispered to us by our guides and angels.

Allowing ourselves to come into stillness in this lower body center lets information rise up and be heard more clearly. The first meditation does this, by allowing the body to feel its innate connecting to Earth and Gaia. Releasing the mind from its need to decide is the next step. When we are exposed to unconditional love, our body, heart and mind want to resonate and bring forth our own quality of love. The second meditation, from Archangel Michael and Mary, brings focused quiet attention to the mind, through this principal of Resonant Response. The pure energy of Nature, and the Solar Sacred Masculine provide a rich bed of support for our bodies. Let Michael and Mary show you how.

Special guest Andrea Mathieson provides commentary and stories of healing through our gardens and Gaia.

Recommendation is for an hour 15 mins of quiet time while listening to this podcast. The meditations may be listened to repeatedly if desired.

Special guest
Andrea Mathieson provides commentary and stories of healing through our gardens and Gaia.

1 Introduction
2 A New Grounding
3 Retuning 8 Chakra for Deep Rejuvenation
4 Comments on Meditation
5 Experiential Meditation Calling Guides
6 Responsive vs Forced Healing

7 Andrea's Story Precious is my Garden
8 What does the Earth Gaia Want?
9 Andrea Nature looks to Humanity for Guidance
10 Closing and Releasing Meditations