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The digital download version of these Spoken Meditations and Teachings are offered free of charge. If you would like to make a donation as a gesture of appreciation of what is offered, it will help me continue to offer these..You can access them to stream or download (playable on any mp3 player) at my podcast page: or iTunes.

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Meditation CD #12 from November 13 2008 Full Moon

Who does Your Soul want You to Be?

From a spark within our Hearts comes a magnificent knowing of our own soul

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Find and energize that spark with these meditations. Includes two Sound Healings with Tibetan Bowls.

What changes may be happening in your inner world to balance the recent changes in the outer world? Here you will find a meditation to open your heart and rediscover the sacred spark that lies within it. Information from Norma's guides (Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters) provide a background understanding of the role of recent events. These include the economic re-stkructuring, the election of Barack Obama to the US presidency, reincarnation patterns of the Soul Group responsible for founding the US (the Founding Fathers), and Obama's relationship to them. Two healings with multiple Tibetan Singing Bowls are also included.

1. Introduction 2:00
2. Invoking the Nature Sphere and Your Heart's Angel 6:02
3. The New Clear Light Energy 9:11
4 We offer Healing through our interconnectedness 3:21
5. Meditation - A Spark within Your Heart 13:37
6 Weaving a Global Web 8:22
Information from Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters
7 Meditation - What has your soul decided to do? 2:46
8 Releasing Guide and Nature Sphere 2:50
9 Q & A 4:39
Clarity is in the cells of my body and all around
What is the function of the economic collapse?
10 And the work will continue… 1:09
11 For more information 1:47
Total Time 54:50