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Group Prayer
a response letter from Soleira Green


A note from Norma Gentile:

More and more I'm noticing groups of people gathering in organized times of prayer and healing for the planet and her population. My own spiritual context for healing is that of resonance. What I heal in myself allows others the opportunity to heal in themselves. And vise-versa.

I wrote an article entitled "Healing Connections" in the spring of 2001. At the same time a woman in England wrote a similar piece, based on her own experience of group prayer.

Below is an excerpt of her email letter. Her website has a number of good ideas around group and individual prayer, which I highly recommend. Please consider this as you participate in group healings.

from Soleira Green


On the solstice a few weeks ago, an email was written which went round the world saying what horrors were occurring here in England (where we live).

It called for people everywhere to send their light and love to this country to end this horror/trauma. When we heard about it, we were concerned because we believe that the Foot and Mouth disease has been perfectly timed (1) to keep people off the land while new and wondrous energies are coming up from the Earth herself and (2) to teach us all just how all of life is interconnected now. Perhaps this is the final breakthrough in our having honouring, respectful relationships with animals now.

So what happened. Since the solstice, the energies here in England have been awful...and they were wonderful before that. In fact at our place, we were feeling the orgasmic energies of paradise reality. Since the solstice we've felt as if we were fending off a blanket of heavy energy. And now the news is filled with all kinds of stories about England as plague ridden, falling apart at the seams, etc. Where did this come from? From our perspective, England is doing just fine. Spring is springing out all over in the field outside our house. We're in an area with F&M signs everywhere

and yet there is only one reported case within twenty to thirty miles.

The farmers are standing up for themselves at long last and speaking against what's not right. Government policies are being questioned...and Tony Blair is delaying the election in order to make sure that politicians keep their energy and attention on solving the problems. All great stuff in my books.

What you give energy to is what gets created. So if you meditated on the solstice for poor old horror ridden England, then perhaps you were a part of creating the England that is now all over the news. And I'm sure that too is perfect in some way, but does it have to be like this? As responsible global consciousness workers, we have got to stop buying in to the horror, trauma, drama that is fed to us every day by media, governments, corporations and even well meaning spiritual people. Stop creating the mess that is spoon fed to us every day. England is not falling apart.

Everything is evolving just as it should be. It's how you choose to perceive it that determines the reality.

- an excerpt from a letter by Soleira Green

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