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The Heart of Light Series

posted 8/01

The Heart of God
The Heart of Light

The Heart of Light is a symbol of active and loving compassion. It is a new energy, encompassing the thymus and traditional heart chakra. It is tuned by the Heart of God, which is approximately 8" to 18" behind the physical body, centered between the shoulder blades.

The Heart of Light within the chest is 4" to 5" in diameter. Once activated and tuned, it controls similar outer geometric energies of the aura lying 25 feet away from the physical body.

The Heart of God acts as a portal for healing guides, which in turn support your deepening connection with the Heart of Light.

This lets you create a
healing space which surrounds and baths your own body in the love, truly unconditional and timeless, of All-That-Is. Your voice acts a medium for this love to reach others, allowing you to offer healing in any act or situation as you speak or sing.

Experiential Exercise:

-Intent activates a deeper energy flow to wherever your attention is given.
-Breath increases that same energy flow.
-Your quality of intent, attention, and breath equals the quality of energy you are creating.
-Adding sound increases this energy flow.

The space 8 to 18 inches behind the physical heart is the esoteric space in which many people connect with their 'Higher Self' or deeper knowing. Speaking with an awareness of that space helps welcome spiritual energies into the conversation.

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Heart of Light