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Candlelight Meditation Concert

based upon the music and poetry of
Hildegard von Bingen

sung by
Norma Gentile


An evening of poetry, music and silence in total candlelight

The rising popularity of Gregorian chant as a tool for spiritual healing has opened up the potential for new concert audiences. Nationally acclaimed singer and intuitive healer Norma Gentile brings the works of Hildegard von Bingen again to the forefront. Hildegard was, in her own time of the 12th century, one of the dominant religious and social figures in Europe.

Norma Gentile sings Gregorian chants by the 12th century mystic and abbess Hildegard von Bingen accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls and audience drone. Hildegard's music has a mystical and healing quality to it. The audience is invited to relax and close their eyes, or meditate, and to join in some of the chants by humming. They may participate as they feel most comfortable. Often the poetic texts of the chants are read aloud in English by Ms. Gentile.


"Sometimes when we hear a song we breathe deeply and sigh. This reminds the prophet that the soul arises from heavenly harmony."

-Hildegard von Bingen


Sample Program


O virtus Sapientia / O true Wisdom

O viriditas digiti Dei /O life-green finger of God

O Ecclesia / O Beloved

O rubor sanguinis / O ruby blood

O nobilissima viriditas / O verdure most noble

O ignis spiritus / O comforting fire of Spirit


Kyrie / Creator of Life

O viridissima virga / O greenest twig

Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vita / Holy Spirit bestowing life unto life

O coruscans lux stellarum / O glistening starlight

O Jerusalem / O Jerusalem


A note to potential sponsors:
This is most effective as an evening event. A reverberant acoustic in a sacred site, such as a chapel or church, is best. It may be performed straight through (60-70 minutes) or with an intermission (100 minutes). Included you will find a sample press release and past program. The CD Meditation Chants of Hildegard von Bingen is a live recording of this type of concert.

General concert-goers / Church Members / New Agers / Feminist Community / Gay and Lesbian Community / Early Music Enthusiasts / University Audiences (Women's Studies, Music History, Medieval Studies, Music Appreciation Classes, Classical Studies, German Language, Latin Language Studies)