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Earthly Mire and Angel's Eyes

through Norma Gentile

feb 11, 2006

from Norma:

Atamira speaks from the perspective of a being who came into consciousness here, within the Earth, and yet her origins are from the web of sacred protection that the Hathors wove for our planet. Nodes of interconnected energies that formed the web became capable of hosting consciousness. And so Atamira, as well as many of the Hathors that we connect with, were birthed from this grid.

from Atamira:

Love is the river of interconnectedness which all humans share. It is true that unconditional love opens the heart within the physical body to a level of consciousness unparalleled by any other experience.

You enjoy your emotions. You enjoy engaging and feeling life. For some, even feeling the boundaries of life through pain or frustration is crucial to knowing and repeatedly remembering that your soul has entered into the physical human form.

Fear often stops or slows your re-ascension. Re-awakening to the spiritual energies from which you came is the journey of your planet. The process cannot be sopped, as it is the choice of Gaia, and the agreement of your shared consciousness with her, to walk this path.

Many (other guides) have told you that these months (January - September, 2006) contain times of deep immersion into the energies of shared consciousness. This channel debates if the term is shared unconsciousness or shared sub consciousness. Do not be concerned - the matter we bring is not easily defined by any words. This shared field of consciousness exists as an energy grid around the planet Earth. Gaia herself experiences it. We in spirit are aware of it. . The shared pool of consciousness permeates the body of each human. It is a portion of your personal consciousness.

For this reason, you have an impact upon this shared grid of consciousness. And as individuals, you nourish this grid with new experiences, ideas, and perhaps most important with new qualities of response to old situations.

Creative energies are held for transformation by groups of souls. One such group is now changing. Those whose names you knew in the political landscape of the Middle East have been locked together for many lifetimes without resolution. Their souls have held the energies of rage in the Middle East. They are now departing from their bodies.

This gives the opportunity for the larger group of collective souls involved to re-create the container. It will be reconstructed with larger monads of souls - each point of the container containing potentially millions of life experiences from the collective souls. As each of the old souls releases their body, the collective soul group steps into that point of holding the container. Now, will these soul groups move in accordance with their collective sacred wisdom? Or with their collective earthly experiences?

Here is your charge today - be aware of the density, the darkness that overlays the planet. Here is how you are perceiving the intersection of your 3rd dimensional reality with that of the mass consciousness grids of humanity. It is no coincidence that the passing of the torch in many leadership roles occurs now. The collective soul groups are easily swayed by the mass consciousness.

The mass consciousness energies are primarily those of emotions. What we would refer to as Earth emotions, because they are energies you generate while in physical form. These are not energies that you generate outside of human form. From the perspective of spirit, we see these emotions as bands of energies, each slightly different, and potentially useful as energy tools.

From the human perspective, these may appear as anger, resentment, hatred, rage, despair, and a host of other emotions. None, from our spiritual perspective, are stronger than love. None, from our perspective, are anything but pure energies, interpreted into emotions.

from Norma:

Reactive vs. Sacred use of Emotions

If emotions are purely energy, than we choose how to use and express that energy. We can learn to differentiate between interpreting an emotion as a day-to-day human 3rd dimensional reactive emotion, or an emotion that we allow to come to rest within us in a deeper place. This is not 'good' versus 'bad' emotions. Frustration can be expressed reactively (lashing out and hitting something) or in a sacred fashion (by acknowledging it and reflecting on what actions our soul is desiring for us to take).

from Atamira:

Rather than attempting to redress each emotional outlay of energy, be aware of your intimate connection to All That Is. This larger perception changes your own abilities. In the moment you open your vision to include those of us residing here in spirit, we can assist you. As long as you insist on not seeing us when you are experiencing emotions, we have more difficulty in reaching you.

Why do I bring this information forward now?

Because for the next months your Earth's grids of shared human consciousness are open to you at the level of waking consciousness. There will be weeks where humanity will be bathed in its own emotions, sometimes resulting in sensations of living in a morass of emotional overwhelm. This will occur again and again, being nearly inescapable by 2009.

You will feel the quantity of energies reactive emotions have created. These grids are like layers around your planet. When viewed from below, as in a human body, they are endless pools of grief, anger or hatred. When viewed from above, they are purely energy generated into the fringes of the 3rd dimension.

During the days of deepest immergence you can tap into these energies. A few of you will be able to walk into these pools of vast emotional energies and focus the potential. As the channel pointed out, there is no negative or positive emotion. Simply whether the energy of the emotion is viewed from above or below.

Anger expressed in a sacred manner draws a boundary. It separates, and thus allows creation to continue in more than one manner. Without individuation, there would be no unique creation. The energy humans call anger allows for individuation among spiritual beings in other consciousness.

Do you see? Hatred repels. It keeps one human from another. It is a property of magnetic creation in our consciousness, separating the various stars into uniquely tuned universes.

From the beginning I explained my birth; a Hathor consciousness which was awoken while within the Earth's sphere of energies. Within this magnetic container I was brought to awareness, and so my path lies with those also awoken within the Earth at this time.

Walking into the container of energies of the mass consciousness requires individuation; knowing your Self, your possibilities and your faults. Facing what sensations, both bodily and emotionally are passing now, allows you to know how to walk into the container successfully.

When just one consciousness of a human enters the shared pool of hatred, for example, and sees it as simply a tool of creation, that sheer vision of it as a tool disconnects a portion of its fire from the shared consciousness. The emotion of hatred remains accessible to humans, but a bit less prone to be expressed rashly.

Your job, therefore, is simply to recall the grandeur of spirit, within earthly mire. See with our eyes, the eyes of Angels, who serve you. We already lie often within you.

Love is a reflection of the interconnectedness of all things. You are also a reflection of All That Is. Love yourselves, and that interconnectedness grows.


Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound shamism. She has four CDs of healing chants by Hildegard von Bingen, and numerous articles and channelings. A free monthly newsletter is available at her website,

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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