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Why I offer The Conscious Singer Workshop and then Private Healing Sessions
-Norma Gentile

After a time of consciously utilizing voice and energy awareness, I will have addressed the major issues most of us have as singers - actors - performers. There will also have been time for individual questions and a bit of one to one work within the group.

When people sing, I find that energetic patterns (often related to beliefs and fears) are being exposed and raised to the surface. These patterns are readying themselves for release. It is more beneficial to pause in the performing process and allow space for those energies to be released than to push forward and bring up additional energies. I find that when energies arise for release, they create fatigue, odd sensations or heaviness, and sometimes even sharp unexplainable pains. It is best to release them and let the energy field around the body refill, thereby solidifying into the body the changes that were suggested during the workshop.

Whenever we sing, we are magnifying the flow of energies in and around our physical form. As we sing with conscious awareness of all of who we are; our body, our mental thoughts, and our heartfelt emotions, we fill in those regions of our bodies in which we have not been fully present. Whether it was a physical accident or surgery, emotional trauma or old family programming, as we sing and speak we replace and refill areas of our bodies to match who we are now. As a result, energetic patterns, like tenants who have been keeping our bodies whole, but not quite tuned exactly to our personal frequency, will be gently exposed. As we sing, these energies surface, and can be released.

Sometimes they simply release on their own, and we continue to grow into that area of our body more and more fully over many months. Other times upon seeing them we hold onto them. Perhaps we don't know any differently. It may sound strange, but we do tend to hang onto patterns of behaviors that are painful, just because we fear what changing to other patterns might bring to us.

I love to help people bring all the patterns to the surface that their body and soul are ready to release. Then, in the deep stillness of a private session, allow these energies to not only release, but to go to wherever it is that the energies themselves need to go.

This means that the energies aren't being cast off. They are being stewarded home; to their home. This often completes the karmic cycle of why the energies came to be in your body in the first place.

In order to do this deeper releasing, it is necessary for the brain to be in a trance state. This may seem scary if you aren't familiar with meditation. The most common trance state is when we are watching TV. A healing trance state is closer to watching a beautiful sunset Oceanside.

Consider this: the waking, day-to-day quality of thinking that you use attracted and/or maintained the energies within you. In order to release the energies, a different quality of thought is necessary. Otherwise, you would have released these energies already. If all the things you have tried didn't help you release the energies within you for so many years or months, would it not stand to reason that moving to a different level of thought is needed?

Hence I work with performers in energy healings. You come in, lie down on a massage table, and relax. Or we can connect over the phone. Gently, you will feel a sensation of warmth and ease moving through your body. My intention is that your guides and angels direct the healing process. I find that oftentimes when a block is removed energetically, it affects not only the body, but also the ability to think without hearing 'old looping thoughts' and to experience only your own personal emotions, not those of others around you.

Obviously everyone differs, and I trust that whatever your soul and body are ready to release will be fine. This work sometimes continues on without additional sessions for several weeks or even months. Other times people will feel a call to have a second or third session within a few weeks or months. Again, I trust the individual to listen and feel out for him/herself when this is useful. This work is not a substitute for medical treatment, although it can be used concurrently with any healing modality.

Please feel free to read the articles posted on my site, including at the Private Sessions Page. There you will find much more explained about how I perceive energy and sound.

My blessings to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile