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I have been asked to place this information in the public domain
This was given as the bombing began

 The Role of Blessing in
Transmuting the Energies of War
by Norma Gentile, with support from Archangel Michael

from Archangel Michael,

We are new to this channel. When we say 'we', the reference is to the hierarchy of angels, as well as to myself. You in human form view us strangely enough as either a nebulous wafting cloud or as a strict marching band, with formations and nearly military chain of command.

We are neither.

We come as servants to you. Like your parents, we wish to guide you, support you, and serve you so that you might grow strong and secure. Your glory is our glory. When the least of you turns and beholds us, and remembers yourself, you glorify and bring joy to all of those in heaven.

Do not be afraid, for there is no fear. There is only the oneness, the wholeness of heaven and earth, bound together in eternal creation. This is the reality that you are choosing, and so it is the reality that is emerging.

Clearly, you are seeing and sensing the other realities which are passing away. Let them pass. Fight them, or judge them, and you give your energy to them. You give your very life force to them and maintain them ever longer here among you. Certainly this is not your intention, but it is the resultant of your attention.

As we have said, love one another, so too we say bless one another. It is in the act of blessing that all are made whole. Bless by standing in your heart, and hold another in your heart. Know this to be true; hat all of your reality was created out of love, and all of your reality is molded and shaped by placing it first into the fire of this love.

Transform and transmute your world by doing the same to your individual lives. Live in blessing, and all will be drawn to you that seek God's forgiveness. Live in love, and all will be healed.

My blessings, my love to each,
Michael, servant of All
through Norma Gentile
12:30am, EST 3/20/03

from Norma:
I am now more convinced than ever that the elements drawn into our planet during the fall of Atlantis are being drawn out of our bodies and the physical earth back to their own reality. As they are drawn homeward, energies that are of our own creation, those energies which I would refer to as Luciferian, or separate from God, are being exposed.

with assistance from Archangel Michael::
It may be helpful to know that at the end of the game of polarity is only unity. That which Lucifer (the human mind and will, separate from God) has created will be blessed and made sacred by this blessing. As we (humans and angels) each stand in non-judgment of events and people, we are quite literally providing the venue for blessing to move out to these events. Any actions or energies, even those originally conceived of by a mind outside of the Godhead, can be utilized as a power and energy of the whole, of All That Is, when it receives blessing.

Anytime we bless another, we become the agent of God. In the act of blessing, we allow the Holy Spirit to move out to the event or person, and thereby encompass the situation. When God touches anything, the creative potential of the event or person is made to be whole. Even though you may oppose the war, know that if you can bless any element of it, perhaps the young soldiers on both sides, that blessing lets the energies of the battle move into assimilation by All That Is.

It is only when we stand apart, declaring that God must do it our way, that the energies we expend will not be integrated. Something to consider, as we move slowly out of the morass of polarity.

Magic and Earthmagic
Building on the 'as above, so below, theme, I realize that as our bodies are releasing out of time energies, so too the earth is in the same release process.

I am seeing the possibility of ground strikes by missiles that shake and open a particular energy vortex in Israel. This allows the earth to release what she has been holding of these same dark energies that are now coming out of our bodies, minds, and psyches.

While I do not personally support the war, I see that the shaking of the earth from physical bombs, etc could be used as a part of the release process for the earth. I also wonder if those of us who have connections with the earth might use our own methods to release and steward energies from her. My thought is that this might lessen the need for a more traumatic release to occur via warfare.

I believe that we are watching an old-fashioned shell game. The left hand is keeping us busy with Iraq, while the true magic is being undertaken in Israel. The war may allow for the deep release of pent up energies which the earth has been holding for us, focused in Israel.

The earth has held emotional energies on behalf of the human race, until such time as we could responsibly transmute them. The Middle East is one area where the earth is so overwhelmed that she can't hold anymore. Much like a balloon about to explode, one can insert a small needle and help to decompress it, or allow the entire balloon to blow up.

It seems that a missile striking deeply into the earth might be one way of releasing this pent up emotional energy. In one potential future, I am shown that Israel may very well end up being the target of missiles from Syria. Lebanon may also receive missile strikes. The land will yield to these missiles, and the energies that need to be released from the earth will be drawn homeward. This may ultimately lead to a peaceful countenance in the Middle East, and the ability of all nations to agree to a Palestinian homeland.

I do not hold to this outcome, I simply mention it as a possibility that I foresee.

Another, and somewhat parallel future reality, is held within our bodies. Addictions usually make emotions we don't want to feel, such as anger or frustration, go into our bodies. When we stop using the drug or food or habit of addiction, those feelings begin to surface.

For each of us who feels connected to the Middle East or any event, know that as we release emotions, the earth releases emotions. As we release addictions, we allow energies to be freed. Our bodies reflect the earth. In this manner we heal the earth as we heal ourselves.

Using the same questions as are at the end of the article, Going Home, or your own as you feel fits, you may wish to thank and release any energies she now longer needs to carry for us, letting them flow homeward, to wherever they desire to be. Their own journey of growth, of learning, or serving spirit will draw them out of our bodies, out of the earth, which is also our body, and out of the earth plane.

(Questions here)

1. Is this sensation/energy/emotion in current time? If not, I release you to whatever timeframe you belong in.

2. Is this in tune with my male/female physical body in current time?

3. Is this supporting that part of my soul which is legally incarnating now?

A note for those who know the MerKaBa meditation:

I have seen many reverse MerKaBas in the past few days. I suspect that is a part of the dark energies being called out and called home. If you know the MerKaBa meditation, do it with extra love and care for your body. If something seems amiss take time to receive guidance from your spiritual caretakers - as I say in this article, the larger and stronger the healer, the more we have gathered into our arms to release.

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